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Amaranthus Leaf Seeds

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Number of Seeds: 10

Light: Full Sunlight

Watering: Regular

Where to grow: Well-Drained soil

Seasonal Information: Year round sowing except Dec-Feb as the plant is susceptible To Cold Temperatures

Plant Character:  Preferring Warm Temperatures, Amaranth Has Long Straight Stems With Long Lasting Flowers

Leaf Character:  Medium Sized Green Leaves With Burgundy Red Overlay

Growth Stages:

  • Sow seeds in a well-composted soil, softly covered with soil
  • Space seeds or seedlings 10-12" apart.
  • Thin the plants 10-18 inches apart when they start sprouting
  • When seeds fall away from the cluster when gently rubbed, it is time to harvest the crop. 

Packaging: Standup Pouch

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