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Fragrance Booster (Candle Fragrance Fixative)

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Olfactive: Sandalwood / Amber / Musky
Used for:
  • Enhancement of fragrance
  • Masking Solvents like alcohol
  • Maksing Product Bases

Recommended Usage: 

  • Long lasting effect: 1%-10% of fragrance base. (i.e. If 10ml of fragrance base is to be added to a product, then as per 10% dosage, 1ml of fragrance booster will need to be added to the fragrance oil of 9ml. Overall 10ml of the fragrance base created (fragrance+booster) should then be added to your base product.
  • For toning down base fragrances (like ammonia for hair dyes, etc): 0.2%
Usage Instructions:
  • Strong bases: can be added directly to base.
  • Others: Add to fragrance oil, mix well and then add the fragrance base (fragramce oil+fragrance booster) to the base product.

Note: This product results in enhancement of base note of fragarnces. Addition of this product to fragrances will not change the aroma profile of the fragrance.

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