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Glossy Black (High-Fire Pottery Glaze)

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Range of ready-to-use Glazes in powder form suitable for schools, artisans, studio potters and manufacturers. Prepare coloured glazes by adding colourants/stains to our range of base glazes or use our ready coloured/textured glazes directly. glazes are available for low fire 980°C-1100°C and high fire 1150°C-1250°C

Recommended Firing Temperature: 1150°C-1250°C

Output Colour: Glossy Black

Note: Temperatures mentioned are the maximum working temperature in actual for each stain. The colour shades represented are within the limits of online imagery. The actual shades may vary.

This product doesn't contain Lead and/or Barium.

Packaging: Stand up pouches with zipper

Digital Attachment: Complete Pottery Glazing Process documentation of Glossy Black (High-Fire Pottery Glaze) available with the purchase of this product (sent via email post-purchase).

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