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Green Tea Extract

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Natural extracts offer a concentration of respective herbs for easy use in cosmetics formulations.

Scientific Name: Camelli Sinesis

INCI Name: 

  • Water-Soluble: Camellia Sinensis leaf Extract, Glycerin, Water.
  • Oil-Soluble: Camellia Sinensis leaf Extract,  Glycine Soja Oil.

CAS Number: 989-51-5.

Method of Extraction: 

  • Water-Soluble: Solvent Extracted using Vegetable Glycerol, free of alcohol, and hexane. Alcohol-free extracts are particularly suited to kids and to adults with alcohol sensitivity, including recovering alcoholics.
  • Oil-Soluble: Solvent Extracted using Hexane and Jojoba Carrier Oil

Strength of Extract (Herb: Extract ratio or Percentage (%) of Active Ingredient):  90%

The strength of extracts is specified either through:

  • Herb: Extract Ratio: For example, Rosemary Extract has a ratio of 5:1 which implied 5 kg of Rosemary Herbs yield 1 kg of extract or;
  • Percentage (%) of Active Ingredient: Eg: our Turmeric Extract has a curcumin percentage of 50%. As a reference, curcumin % in turmeric root is only 2.5%-6%.

Please Note: This product has no added preservatives and the user is advised to add their own preservatives as per their end product requirements. 

Recommended Usage: 0.7-1.5% in formulations

Shelf Life*: 18-24 months

*Shelf life begins on the date of packaging and is defined as the average reasonable shelf life of an ingredient when it is stored and handled properly.

Storage: Store in the same container as received in a cool, dry place; away from sunlight.


  • 10ml/30ml: Amber Glass Euro Dropper Bottle
  • 100ml/250ml: Plastic Reagent Bottle
  • 500ml/1Litre: Plastic Bottle

Dispatch In:

  • In Stock: 2-3 working days
  • Pre Order: 7-9 working days

Country of Origin: India

Documents: Certificate of Analysis (COA), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)