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Skin Serum Base

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Skin Serum Base is a solution of a Dimethiconol gum of very high viscosity at 16% in Cyclopentasiloxane along with Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Diphenyl Dimethicone & Propoxytetramethylpiperidinyl Dimethicone.

Application: It can be either used alone, also can be added into other creams, lotions butters for better effects In skin care applications, Skin Serum Base will impart a smooth dry feel on the skin and can help to improve water-resistance properties and long lasting effect in sun care products. Confers antistatic and gloss effects to skin and leaves the skin with a soft, silky feel.

Recommended Usage: 3 – 10% in skin products.

Colour: Transparent Liquid

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