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Brown Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch - Front Transparent / Back Kraft Paper With Zipper

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Colour:  Front transparent and brown kraft paperback

Recyclable: Yes

Thickness: 95 microns



Additional Information: Can be sealed using a heat sealing machine, strong zipper, and v-notch for easy tear.

Made from high-quality food-grade material

Comes with a v-notch for easy to tear and is sealable by a normal hand or band sealer.

Note: The capacity of the pouches is measured using dense compounds like salt and dry fruits. If you want to purchase for packing light powders, it is suggested to opt for one size bigger (i.e For packaging of100gms of powder, please purchase 200gms capacity pouches)


 Capacity Width Length Bottom Gusset
75gms 100mm 150mm 30mm
200gms 120mm 200mm 40mm
250gms 140mm 200mm 40mm
500gms 160mm 240mm 40mm
750gms 180mm 260mm 40mm
1Kg 200mm 300mm


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