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Cinnamon Sticks

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Cassia and Ceylon cinnamon have different tastes, textures, and bark colors. Cassia cinnamon is strong in both flavor and texture with a dark brown color. Ceylon cinnamon is softer and more refined in flavor and texture with a light brown hue. These differences are due to how the cinnamons are grown and harvested.

Ceylon Cinnamon:

  • What Does Ceylon Cinnamon Taste Like? Subtle, floral, fruity, and slightly bitter
  • Ceylon Cinnamon Uses: Ceylon cinnamon is best used in milk-based recipes such as custards, creams, and especially in Mexican hot chocolate and Horchata. It also works well when cooking or baking with fruits, like jams or fruit butters. Ceylon cinnamon is the preferred cinnamon in European and Latin American cuisines and is a special ingredient in Middle Eastern tomato sauce.
  • Ceylon Cinnamon Origin: Ceylon cinnamon originates from Sri Lanka, a South Asian island that was previously known as “Ceylon”. The majority of Ceylon cinnamon is still grown there today and harvested from the delicate inner bark of its tree.
  • Other Names for Ceylon Cinnamon: True Cinnamon and Mexican Cinnamon

Cassia Cinnamon (Chinese Cinnamon):

  • What Does Cassia Cinnamon Taste Like? Sweet, warm, hints of spice, and smooth
  • Cassia Cinnamon Uses: Cassia cinnamon is best used for baking and cooking where you would want the cinnamon to easily blend with the rest of the flavors in the recipe, acting as a supporting roll in the overall flavor. It’s great for easier, more basic recipes such as muffins, fall and winter pies, bread pudding, quick bread, granola, and scones. Cassia cinnamon is also present in a Chinese five-spice blend and other Chinese dishes.
  • Cassia Cinnamon Origin: Cassia cinnamon originates from China.

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