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Copper Carbonate (Pottery Colourant)

Copper Carbonate (Pottery Colourant)

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Colourants can be added to glazes to get the desired coloured effects. Unlike stains, colourants react differently in each firing. A wide spectrum of colours can be achieved by mixing them with other colourants, opacifiers & stains.

Name: Copper Carbonate (CuCO3)

    Appearance Colour: Turquoise Blue

    Form: Powder, Inorganic Compound

    Recommended Usage:

    • In Slips: 2%-8%
    • In Glazes: <5%

    Output Colour: Shades of green, turquoise blue, red in reduction firings.

    Stability: Relatively stable in comparison to other colourants & opacifiers

    Additional Information: Copper should not be used as a component in soluble glazes that will come in contact with food or drink, as it is likely to leach. Copper carbonate can also be applied by brushwork as a wash on bisqueware.

    Caution: In its powdered form, copper carbonate is extremely harmful if swallowed. Please use proper precautions, including protective coverings, when working with this substance. Keep out of the reach of children. If inappropriate contact occurs, please seek medical help immidiately.

    Note: Owing to the nature of ceramic making process and the varied combinations of elements, we request the user to always test their formulations before bulk production/purchase. It is for the user to satisfy that the product meets their requirements.

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      -Form: Powder


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