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Neroli Hydrosol (Cosmetic Grade)

Neroli Hydrosol (Cosmetic Grade)

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Neroli Hydrosol is a cosmetic grade hydrosol that is derived from steam distillation of the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. Its refreshing floral notes make it a versatile addition to many beauty and skin care products. This product is ideal for creating facial mists, toners, and other refreshing skin care products.

Hydrosols are a by-product of the steam distillation process to produce essential oils. While they have similar therapeutic properties to essential oils, they are much less concentrated. Their aromas are often soft and subtle when compared to their essential oil counterparts.

    Documents: Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Certificate of Analysis (COA)

    Specifications, Features & Benefits

    INCI: Citrus Aurantium (Neroli) Distillate Water, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate

    CAS: 72968-50-4, 532-32-1, 24634-61-5


    -100% Pure
    -Ethically and Sustainably Sourced
    -Highly Beneficial for a Wide Range of Wellness Applications
    -They are an excellent addition to a lot of products and a simple way for the novice aromatherapist to enjoy the benefits of essential oils.


    Its properties can help reduce scarring from blemishes and acne, all while helping reduce the look of pores and supporting cell growth. When using Neroli Hydrosol as a facial toner, its astringent properties make it an excellent choice for oily or combination skin that suffers from acne or blemishing problems.

    Shelf Life: 8-12 months

    *Shelf life begins on the date of packaging and is defined as the average reasonable shelf life of an ingredient when it is stored and handled properly.

    Country of Origin: India

    Other Specifications:

    -Botanical Name: Citrus aurentium
    -Clear transparent liquid
    -Water-like consistency
    -Characteristic Neroli Aroma.

    Applications, Usage & Storage

    -Facial Toner
    -Body Spray/Splash
    -Makeup Remover
    -Use to Replace Water in Moisturizers
    -Use in Clay Facials and Masks
    -Hair Rinses
    -Wet Wipes
    -Room Spray
    -Linen Spray
    -Clothing Spray

    Recommended Usage Rate: -30% to 50% in the water phase of cream and lotions, 100% in case of toners.

    Formulation Guidelines:
    -Facial Toner: Hydrosols may be used as-is or blended with other ingredients, like Apple Cider Vinegar, Dead Sea Salt, or herbal teas to make facial toners.

    -Creams and Lotions: Hydrosols make an excellent substitute for water in emulsion formulas such as lotions and creams. Try replacing all or a portion of the water in your formula with your favorite Hydrosol.

    -Skin Care Masks: Use your favorite Hydrosol as a wetting agent in your next fresh mask recipe. A simple clay facial can be made with just two ingredients, Cosmetic Clay and Hydrosol.

    -Cleansers: Hydrosols can be used to wet dry or powdered cleansers such as washing grains. They can also be used in place of water for making cream or foaming cleansers.

    -Hair Spritzers & Sprays: Sweet and floral scented Hydrosols, such as Neroli or Rose, make excellent bases for water-based hair care products like curl gel, hair spray, and leave-in conditioner.

    -Foaming Soaps: Liquid soaps, like Castile Soap, often need to be diluted before use in a foaming dispenser. Using Hydrosol for dilution is a wonderful way to incorporate gentle herbal properties into liquid soap.

    -Body Spray: Try starting your body spray blends off with a base of Hydrosol instead of water. The natural aroma and gentle herbal benefits of Hydrosol are a great way to enhance an otherwise simple product.

    Storage: Store in closed glass containers, away from heat and light. Store in a cool area. The product is extremely sensitive to microbial contamination. The user is requested to add preservatives on receipt of goods as a precautionary measure.

    Caution: Please note that floral waters may be sensitizing to some individuals. We strongly recommend that a patch test of this product be done on the skin before use.

    Bulk Rates

    Contact us for orders above 25 Litres for further discounted bulk rates. You can also check out offers & disocunts here.

    Shipping, Packaging & Dispatch Information

    -100ml & 250ml : Plastic Reagent HPDE Bottles
    -500ml, 1 Litre : Plastic Bottles with inner lids

    Dispatch Estimate:

    -In stock: 2-4 working days.
    -Pre-Order: 10-12 working days

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    Shipping: These goods are prohibited to be shipped via Air Mode in India. They will be sent via cargo/surface mode of transport.

    Taxes & Other Legal Information

    This product price is inclusive of 18% GST. Input Tax Credit is available for Indian GST registred customers.

    Return, Exchange & Cancellation Policy

    -Goods once shipped are not eligible for alteration, return, exchange & cancellation.

    -Any product with physical defects/damage need to be notified to us before usage with an unboxing video. No replacements/refunds will be made after usage and without an unboxing video.

    -In case of pre-order items the order cancellation/alteration requests cannot be processed after 24 hours of order being placed.

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