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Orange Yellow (Pottery Underglaze Colours)

Orange Yellow (Pottery Underglaze Colours)

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Saturated lead-free Powdered Underglaze Colours have a wide firing range of 1050°C to 1250°C. Unlike stains, our underglaze colours contain flux and can be used with just water and/or CMC solution on the ware.

Specifications, Features & Benefits

-Maximum Firing Temparature: 1050°C to 1250°C.
-Food-Safe: Yes, if glazed on top with a food-safe glaze.
-Contains Lead: No

Note: Temperatures mentioned are the maximum working temperature in actual for each onglaze colour. The colour shades represented are within the limits of online imagery. The actual shades may vary.

-Form: Powder

-Powdered underglaze colours are easy to use.
-Cost-effective means for surface decoration.
-Can be stored indefinitely and does not expire.

Applications, Usage & Storage

Applications: Stoneware Ceramics, Functional tableware with use of a food-safe glaze. Underglaze Colours can also be used as Majolica or Overglaze with the addition of the Underglaze Flux.

Preparation of Underglaze Colour Paste:
1. Add 2 to 1 part of the powder Underglaze Colour + 1 part of Water + CMC solution*.
2. Mix the colour very thoroughly with the medium to get a smoothly flowing paste.
3. This can be thinned further with water for water colour like effects.

Application :
1. Apply using a brush, sponge or spray.
2. Can be applied on bisque or leather-hard greenware
--Bisque: dampen ware with a moist sponge, apply colour, dry thoroughly
--Greenware: apply water thinned first coat as a primer, apply the final coat, bisque fire at 1000°C - 1050°C
3. Apply transparent gloss glaze or matt glaze and fire.

Underglaze colours fired without a glaze give matt effects and are not food safe. The final colour is very much dependent on the glaze & firing temperature.

*CMC Solution preperation instructios are available with purchase of Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (C.M.C.) (Ceramic Glazing Aid).


This is an industry-grade ceramic raw material. The user is requested to understand the nature of the product in detail and take requisite precautionary measures. Safety Googles, Gloves and Respirators are advised to be used when handling this product.

Bulk Rates

Contact us for orders of 10Kgs and above for further discounted bulk rates. You can also check out offers & disocunts here.

Shipping, Packaging & Dispatch Information

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Dispatch Estimate:

-In Stock: 1-2 working days
-Pre Order: 10-12 working days

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Shipping: This product is eligible to be shipped via Air mode and Surface mode in India.

Documents & References

Digital Attachment: A complete guide on underglaze colours usage & application will be sent via email post-purchase.


  1. A Guide to Measuring and Adjusting Specific Gravity of Ceramic Glazes
  2. Creating Saturated Epsom Salt (Flocculant) Solution

Taxes & Other Legal Information

This product price is inclusive of 18% GST. Input Tax Credit is available for Indian GST registred customers.

Return, Exchange & Cancellation Policy

-Goods once shipped are not eligible for alteration, return, exchange & cancellation.

-Any product with physical defects/damage need to be notified to us before usage with an unboxing video. No replacements/refunds will be made after usage and without an unboxing video.

-In case of pre-order items the order cancellation/alteration requests cannot be processed after 24 hours of order being placed.

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