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Vitamin A Oil (Retinyl Palmitate) (Cosmetic Grade)

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A palmitate form of vitamin A is offered as a supplement. Vitamin A palmitate is retinol or retinoids, unlike certain other forms of vitamin A. Retinoids are chemicals that are easily absorbed into the body. This implies they are easily absorbed and utilised by the body.

INCI Name- Retinyl Palmitate

Molecular Formulae- C36H60O2

Alternative Names- Preformed vitamin A

Purity of the Ingredients- 99%

Country of Origin- India


  • Vitamin A palmitate can be used as a supplement to help support and maintain optimal eyesight, immune, and reproductive health.
  • It protects against harmful UV rays and can help in the treatment of sunburns and sunspots.
  • The use of Vitamin A palmitate on the skin has been demonstrated to be useful in the treatment of acne.
  • It works really well for sensitive skin because of its milder nature as compared to other acne treatments, such as tretinoin.
  • When used topically, vitamin A palmitate can help with wound healing and immunological protection.
  • It is an antioxidant that is added to low-fat milk and other dairy products to restore the vitamin content that is lost when the fat in the milk is removed.


  • It works by eliminating the top layer of skin cells, which is normally made up of dead skin cells.
  • It works by boosting the skin's natural moisture retention capacity, giving it a hydrated appearance.


  • It is recommended that it should be used at a concentration of 0.2-1%.
  • It is soluble in oil but is insoluble in water, alcohol, and glycerol.


  • Prepare the oil and water phases of your formulation separately.
  • Heat the oil and water phase using a double boiler.
  • Add our Vitamin A palmitate to the oil phase, accompanied by constant stirring.
  • Blend both phases together using a mini-mixer or a large mixing brush.

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